Do You Need to File for Bankruptcy? You are Not Alone

By Ryan C. Wood

A lot of my clients that are faced with having to file for bankruptcy feel like they are alone in this financial calamity and that they will never recover financially.  You do not have to feel alone. There were over 1.4 million bankruptcy filings in the United States for the 12-month period ending September 30, 2011.  These people came from all aspects of life – poor, middle class and even some mega rich people have had to file for bankruptcy.  You may even recognize some of these famous people that have filed for bankruptcy in the past: Cyndi Lauper, Kim Basinger, La Toya Jackson, Larry King, Mickey Rooney, Mike Tyson, Natalie Cole, Stephen Baldwin, Toni Braxton and Walt Disney.

I would view filing for bankruptcy as a financially sound business decision.  I am sure the famous bankruptcy filers above look at bankruptcy the same way.  You take a hard look at your bottom line – after paying all the necessities of life like a mortgage/rent, utilities, food, insurance and transportation do you have enough left over to pay your creditors?  If not, then one of the options you should take a look at is filing for bankruptcy protection.

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that it is the death of your financial history.  There are two things learned from these famous filers:  1) Anyone can have financial problems and even the rich and famous may need to file for bankruptcy, 2) You can get a fresh start and come back even stronger financially.  Some of these famous people that have filed for bankruptcy are more financially well off than ever.  Filing for bankruptcy helped these people restructure or discharge their debts.  Once their debts are discharge they are free to pursue their passion and their dreams to get back to where they used to be.

You can do the same as these famous people who have fallen on hard times.  If you are having problems with your mortgage payment qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy we take a look at your financial situation and see which chapter of bankruptcy would benefit you the most.  After your bankruptcy case is filed and your debts are discharged you can rebuild your credit and financial life back up to its former glory or even exceeding it.

If you are struggling with credit card debts, a car payment or mortgage payment bankruptcy can help.  I have been a bankruptcy lawyer my whole career and am available to help you at 1-877-9NEW-LIFE or 877-963-9543 to schedule a free consultation today.