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Reasonable Attorney Fees Based upon Your Circumstances

The cost of bankruptcy should be the last thing you are worrying about while struggling to pay your bills each month. The Law Offices of Ryan C. Wood, Inc. takes great pride in only charging you attorney fees based upon the amount of work in your bankruptcy case. If you have a simple case, the attorney fees will be lower than someone who owns two houses, three cars, has five kids or owes back taxes to the internal revenue service or franchise tax board. Many bankruptcy attorneys charge the same amount of attorney fees no matter how much or how little actual work is involved in your case.

Mandatory Courses Completed with Cheapest Providers

We have taken the time and continue to search for the cheapest providers of the required courses because we care about and your family. We do not want you to pay a penny more that you have to when obtaining the fresh start you deserve. There are two required course that must be completed to file and obtain a discharge of debts in bankruptcy. We use a company that charges $5 for the first course, credit counseling, and the credit counseling course can even be free if your income is low enough. The provider of the second course charges $9.99 for a single person or $11.00 for a couple filing jointly. Some attorneys still use providers that charge as much as $50 per course and then charge a processing fee that the attorney pockets. Why pay $100 or more for these course when you can pay as little as $15.00 for both courses? Why retain attorneys who do not care enough about their clients save them money? Is that who you want on your side?

Credit Reports Provided at Cost

We recommend that we obtain a credit report from all three credit bureaus to make sure we list all of your debts properly. The company we use provides the credit report for a single person for $28 and a couple for $48. That is what you will pay. There are no processing fees or additional costs.