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There are many reasons to file for bankruptcy protection and obtain a fresh start. The most common problem is unmanageable debts. You should not have to struggle to pay your mortgage or rent, car payment and other monthly expenses each month. Bankruptcy can help get rid of these debts and stop the harassing phone calls. The Law Offices of Ryan C. Wood, Inc. will sit down with you during a Free Consultation and discuss how the bankruptcy laws can help your situation. Depending upon your income, expenses and assets, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you keep your home or car is you have missed payments.

You Have a Lot of Credit Debts

Save Your House From Foreclosure

Get Rid of a Second Mortgage or Equity Line of Credit

You are Behind on Car Payments and Trying to Save your Car from Repossession

Reduce or Cram Down a Vehicle Loan

You Do Not Pass the Means Test and Have Disposable Income

You Have Assets That Cannot Be Protected

You are Not Eligible to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You Owe back Taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board

Bankruptcy is designed to provide an individual or business a fresh start. Everyone deserves a second or third chance, and bankruptcy will provide this by getting rid of unsecured debts like credit cards or medical debts. Bankruptcy is not right for everyone though. During your free consultation we will evaluate your income, expenses and assets to let you know how bankruptcy can help your circumstances. If we are able to help you through bankruptcy, we will then quote you a reasonable fee.

All of our fees are very reasonable. We have searched high and low to make sure you pay the least of amount of money for the required courses. There are two course you must complete to receive a discharge in your bankruptcy case. The first one, Credit Counseling, must be completed before the bankruptcy case is filed. The provider we use charges $5.00 for the first course. The second course, Financial Management, must be completed after the case is filed. The provider we use offers this course for $9.99 if single, and $12.50 for a couple filing jointly. Other attorneys use providers that charge up to $50 per course and the attorney charges a processing fee as well.