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What to know about bankruptcy. The most important misconception about bankruptcy is that you cannot keep your home or car when filing bankruptcy. You can keep your home and car depending upon your circumstances and still get rid of credit card or medical debts. Just keep making your mortgage payment or car payment each month. See Your Home and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Your Home and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for more information about how to keep your home when filing bankruptcy. See Cars/Trucks and Chapter 7 or Cars/Trucks and Chapter 13 for more information about how to keep your vehicles when filing for bankruptcy.

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You can also keep your stuff when filing for bankruptcy protection. See Bankruptcy Exemptions for more information about how all of your stuff can be protected when filing for bankruptcy. There are some limits on the dollar value of your assets that can be protected though. You cannot keep a paid in full Ferrari that is worth $200,000. We cannot protect something like that from your creditors. There are also limits on how much equity in a home that can be protected too.

All of our free consultations are with experienced licensed attorneys that have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases in the Bay Area. You will not have your questions answered by inexperienced paralegals or legal assistants. When filing bankruptcy it is very important to make sure that you are filing under the correct chapter of the bankruptcy code and get the full value of filing for bankruptcy protection. A chapter 7 bankruptcy case will stay on your credit report for ten years and a chapter 13 bankruptcy for seven years.